Monthly Archives: September 2016

The Numbers on Fertilizer Labels, What They Mean

The numbers on fertilizer labels?  What do they mean?  How do fertilizer numbers affect your lawn care?  Fertilizer companies are required to put three (3) numbers on every bag of fertilizer.  The numbers represent, in this order, the amount of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Nitrogen is the primary element that will make the plant, grass, […]

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Lawn Care and Hardscape Maintenance for Chandler AZ

The Arizona Landscape Contractors’ Association has developed HOA lawn and landscape tips and welcomes you to share them with your HOA Boards and Community Managers. We hope you find the information about lawn care and hardscape maintenance helpful for Chandler, AZ and it’s surrounding communities. You’ve just completed your dream landscaping project and come outside […]

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September Lawn Care Tips

When is it going to cool down?! This is about the time of year we start dreaming of a white Christmas.  No, not really.  Below are some helpful September lawn care tips to help your lawn and landscape make that final turn heading into Fall and Winter. (1) Mid to late September is a great […]

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