Monthly Archives: October 2016

Keep Your Palo Verde Trees Looking Beautiful

If you live in Gilbert, Chandler or the surrounding area and have a yard, there is a pretty good chance that you have a palo verde growing on your property. Unlike many other trees in the Southwest, palo verde trees are very distinct in that they have bright green bark and bare bright yellow flowers […]

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Professional Lawn Mowing Service for Home or Business

All home and business owners desire a bright green, well-manicured lawn to accentuate their property. But, hardly anyone has the time or patience to perform the lawn services that make such an attractive lawn possible. More importantly, they do not have the knowledge, skills and tools to carry out such lawn services. What they need […]

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October Lawn Care Tips

The weather is finally beginning to cool down! Below are some simple October lawn care tips to help keep your lawn and plants healthy heading into Fall. (1) Winter rye overseeding starts this month and is the main focus for most landscapers and homeowners. (2) October is a great month to plant wild flowers. (3) […]

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