Monthly Archives: December 2016

Simple Lawn Care Tips For The Month Of January

Winter is the perfect time of year to invest in your lawn! Below are some simple lawn care tips for the month of January. (1) January is the best time to prune back roses to just sticks.  Cutting them back at the base of the branch for each cut leaving 12″-36? of rose branches to […]

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Improve Your Curb Appeal With New Landscape Rock

Want to dazzle your friends and neighbors with your lawn and landscape? Improve your curb appeal with new landscape rock or granite. When trying to fill in bare areas on an existing landscaping and existing granite or rock, you will find that matching the old rock exactly can be difficult. At a recent customer visit, […]

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December Lawn Care Tips

Most homeowners in the Chandler or Gilbert area do not pay much attention to cooler temperatures until they start to see damage on their plants and landscape.  This can be a costly error in judgment as severe cold damage can be mitigated by simply covering plants on the few days when cooler nighttime temperatures are […]

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