When is the best time to water your grass?

It’s no secret that summers in Gilbert and Chandler are hot!  Conserving water is always on our minds.  As a professional lawn service company, a common question we get asked is: When is the best time to water your grass?

Water your lawn early in the morning.  On a hot day, water can evaporate before it hits the ground.  If it’s a hot and windy day, the amount of water that hits your grass is even less.  Set your irrigation system to water your grass between 5:00am and 8:00am.  It’s still cool and the wind is usually calm.  Avoid watering your grass and other plants during the hot part of the day.  Your hose and ground water get very hot and it can damage the roots of your grass and plants.

Water your grass every three days.  Give your grass a deep watering to a depth of about 10 inches.  Use a long screwdriver or probe to check to see how moist the soil is.  If it’s dry you will feel resistance from the dry soil.  If it’s been raining, turn off your irrigation system to give your grass enough time to soak up the water.  For more convenience, call Moar Lawn and Landscape to install a rain sensor that automatically turns off your irrigation system when it rains.  These save water and money!

Test your sprinklers to make sure they are actually watering your grass and not your driveway.  To save a lot of water, test your sprinklers and adjust accordingly to make sure they are watering your lawn.  After you have properly aimed your sprinklers, try to avoid watering your grass until water begins to run off your lawn and into your driveway or street.  Water is being wasted and it doesn’t help your lawn.

For more information on summer lawn care tips or to inquire about our services, call Moar Lawn and Landscape at (480) 336-2926 or go online for a FREE Lawn Care and Maintenance Estimate.

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