December Lawn Care Tips

Most homeowners in the Chandler or Gilbert area do not pay much attention to cooler temperatures until they start to see damage on their plants and landscape.  This can be a costly error in judgment as severe cold damage can be mitigated by simply covering plants on the few days when cooler nighttime temperatures are forecasted.

According the University of Arizona, the average first frost date ranges from November 21st to December 12th and the average last frost date ranges from February 7th to April 3rd.  Below are a few December lawn care tips to keep your plants and landscape healthy during cooler temperatures.

(1) Prepare for frost damage by covering plants that are sensitive at temperatures below 32 degrees.

(2) Start cutting back frost damage if the plant is hardy enough to handle the early cut backs.

(3) Start removing dead blooms off roses.

If your landscape has experienced frost damage this winter, please contact Moar Lawn and Landscape today for a free estimate on replacing your plants with frost-damage tolerant plants. We can also provide you with a landscape maintenance plan that will keep your yard looking beautiful and fresh. We provide lawn care and landscaping in Chandler, Gilbert and surrounding areas.

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