Improve Your Curb Appeal With New Landscape Rock

Want to dazzle your friends and neighbors with your lawn and landscape? Improve your curb appeal with new landscape rock or granite.

When trying to fill in bare areas on an existing landscaping and existing granite or rock, you will find that matching the old rock exactly can be difficult. At a recent customer visit, we had to add 1/2? Madison Gold to the thinning areas in their yard. The granite in her yard was 10 to 15 years old and because the new granite we ordered to match will be mined from a different location and can possibly have a different shade of color. Therefore, when we add the granite it will not match exactly if we just put it in those areas that are thin (it will be noticeable). The way to combat this is to order extra granite to use for blending the new rock in with the old rock.

Another example of difficult rock to blend is when we try to add half inch minus or a quarter inch minus granite. Anytime you order a minus granite you will see lots of smaller material that look closer to dirt mixed in. If you compare it to the rock that has been on your property for more than a few years you will usually not notice the smaller material due to the rains over the years that wash it down to the bottom. Quarter inch minus material is typically used for driveways pathways or just any type of walkways.

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