November Lawn Care Tips

November Lawn Care Tips For Homeowners in the East Valley of Phoenix, AZ.

(1) This is a great month to replace annuals with the winter flowers that flourish in cooler months.

(2) Decreasing water schedules for the winter months is key to prevent fungus and root rot.

(3) Enjoy the yard since the weather is great and before the frost hits. Right now, your lawn looks its best after the winter rye has been planted.

(4) Do not water your lawn in the dark.

(5) Plant flowers in full or partial sun as appropriate.

Moar Lawn and Landscape is a professional Lawn and Landscape Maintenance company serving the Queen Creek, Gilbert, and Chandler, Arizona Areas.  Moar was created to challenge the status quo of the Lawn and Landscape Maintenance industry in Arizona.  With a plethora of shady, fly by nighter companies our vision was to offer something different.  A service business that provided Amazing Service!

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