Gilbert Lawn Care Service Tips For June

Memorial Day Weekend almost here and you know what that means.  It’s the official kick off to the summer season.  With that said, that means June is also right around the corner.  Below are some lawn care service tips for June if you live in the Gilbert, Chandler, and San Tan Valley, AZ area.

It’s time to keep up with a deep water schedule during the month of June.  You need to watch for stress on any of your heat sensitive trees and plants.  Many palm trees, like the queen palm and pygmy palm are susceptible to heat stress.  All of your trees should be pruned and thinned out for the upcoming Arizona monsoon season.  Don’t forget to cut off the fruit from your palm trees right before they start to drop.

If you are in need of tree trimming, call (480) 336-2926 for quick and affordable tree trimming service in Gilbert, Chandler, and Queen Creek. We trim Palms, Mesquites, Palo Verde’s, Sissoo’s, Citrus, or whatever else you may have!

Cut back on fertilizing established roses to encourage them to slow down for the hot summer. Water deeply as temperatures climb. Hose off plants in the early morning to increase humidity and control spider mites.

Are you a gardener?  Plant seeds if you enjoy fresh cucumbers, melons and potatoes.

June is the driest month. Pay attention to the watering needs of your plants. Apply mulch to the ground around heat sensitive plants to keep the roots cooler and prevent evaporation.  Prune palms when flower spathes show or delay pruning until after the palm has finished flowering to prevent infestation of Palm Flower caterpillars.  Native and imported heat tolerant plants can be planted right through the summer months. They will need to be watered on a regular basis until fall.

Have a safe and relaxing summer!  For additional information, please call (480) 336-2926 or go online for a FREE Lawn Care Estimate within 24 hours.

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