Home and Lawn Safety Tips During a Haboob Dust Storm

Summer in Phoenix, Arizona can down right be miserable. With rising temperatures above the triple digit mark almost daily, to the storms that plague the Valley during the monsoon season, people living in the East Valley, like Gilbert and Chandler, can often be challenged by the weather that comes with living in the Phoenix area. And one of the biggest threats to living in Arizona is when a Haboob dust storm blows into your neighborhood. A Haboob can cause extensive damage if you are not prepared to deal with one. In order to get you be better prepared, here are a few home and lawn safety tips during a haboob dust storm.

Don’t Stand Outside During a Haboob

The best tip we can offer is for you to get inside and away from windows and glass doors. You just never know what the wind may bring. To be as safe as possible you’ll want to stay on the ground floor of your home in the center of your home to ensure that if for whatever reason the dust storm breaks glass or opens doors, you’ll be protected as much as possible inside.  Although a Haboob is not as destructive as a tornado, it sure can cause a big mess – and has the potential to cause damage both on the road and at a home.

Clear Yard and Patio of Debris and Outdoor Furniture

During a storm with high winds, any sort of free-standing object left near your pool is capable of causing serious damage to your patio, your pool, or your house. If you have time before the storm or flood, remove as many toys, furniture, and other items as you can, and store them in a safe place like your garage. Much of the damage from storms is caused by debris that could easily be stored out of harm’s way. Never put objects into the pool during a haboob.

If Possible, Trim Your Trees and Nearby Ones

If you are given advanced warning of an approaching storm, tree trimming near your pool and house can be one of the most effective methods for protecting your yard and your house. Large and overgrown branches can snap off easily, and often become dangerous projectiles during storms. Trimming the branches from any large trees and removing the branches from your pool area should always be done if you have enough time, as this will drastically reduce the chances of serious damage or injury.

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