Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services for Home and Business Property

Most people put all their heart, time and money into getting their properties landscaped and strive to hire the finest landscaping services possible. However, not many of them are as enthusiastic about maintaining the landscape.

They forget that regular and proper landscape maintenance is the key to keeping their yard look beautiful and healthy always.

If you don’t want your landscaping investment to go to waste and the people arriving at your home or business property to be greeted with a weed-invested lawn and dying bushes, hire the landscaping services of Moar Lawn and Landscape for lawn and landscape maintenance.

We offer expert landscaping services to make sure that the dream landscape that you had got planned and installed so lovingly looks well-maintained and cared-for. Our landscaping services ensure that your outdoors keep giving you

  • Heightened aesthetic pleasure
  • Optimal functional use
  • Enhanced property value

Our Landscaping Services Go Above and Beyond Mowing

There is much more to landscape maintenance than ensuring an immaculate lawn. We know this and offer wide-ranging landscaping services for comprehensive landscape care.

Besides lawn mowing, our landscaping services include:

  • Spraying weeds
  • Trimming bushes, hedges and trees
  • Raking leaves and yard clippings from driveways & sidewalks
  • Cleaning debris from rock areas
  • Inspecting irrigation system

Our landscape maintenance team is committed to providing landscaping services that ensure enduring beauty for your landscape and enduring enjoyment of the landscape for you. Our exceptional landscaping services make a striking difference not just to your landscape, but to your life!

Call us today and you will call only us every time you need landscaping services for keeping your outdoors maintained.

Landscape Maintenance Packages for Year-Round Yard Care

We offer customized landscaping services for landscape maintenance that are designed with your landscape as well as you in mind. Our landscape maintenance experts plan seasonal landscaping services to make sure that your yard receives year-round care and flourishes in all weather conditions.

Our landscaping services are also focused on your comfort and convenience. We plan the landscape maintenance visits around your schedule so that our landscaping services do not disrupt your family or work life.

Moreover, to suit your specific landscape maintenance needs and budget, we offer you the choice of

  • Weekly landscape maintenance packages
  • Bi-weekly landscape maintenance packages
  • Monthly landscape maintenance packages
  • Quarterly landscape maintenance packages

Call (480) 336-2926 to know more about how the landscaping services of Moar Lawn and Landscape can help with your lawn and landscape maintenance.