Mid Summer Lawn Care Tips For Arizona

It’s hard to believe the month of July is almost over.  Unfortunately, the heat is not.  Even with consistent high temperatures, it is important to properly maintain your lawn. I know it’s tough right now working in the lawn, but here are a few mid summer lawn care tips for Chandler and Gilbert residents to follow.

  1. Keep your grass looking green with turf fertilizer.  Even with the hot temps, it’s okay to water a little less to save some money on your water bill.  Keep an eye on any non-native plants and trees for heat stress.
  2. Since you keep up with weed control every six months (wink, wink), now is the best time to apply that second round of week control.  This will help keep most weeds out of your yard for the next six months.
  3. Believe it or not, but now is the time to call the lawn care professionals at Moar Lawn and Landscape to schedule your winter lawn.  October is one of the busiest months for lawn service and landscape companies, so getting it scheduled now is key.
  4. Your native trees, like Mesquite trees, can sometimes be pruned again even if they were trimmed in June due to new growth.
  5. Keep an eye on heat stressed plants since we still have some of the highest temperatures of the year still to come.

We hope these simple lawn care tips help maintain your yard during the hottest part of summer.  If you find that your lawn and plants appear to be struggling, call Moar Lawn and Landscape for professional lawn care service and tree trimming service.



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