Lawn Care And Landscaping Mistakes You Should Avoid

Let’s admit it, you want a nicer looking yard than your neighbors.  To have the nicest lawn, it does take time and investment into landscaping.  Here are a few lawn care and landscaping mistakes you should avoid so you’re not the one admiring your neighbors lawn.

Forget to water plants

Bushes, trees and plants all need water during summer and cooler months in Arizona. Poor watering of plants could result in serious damage arising from dehydration and/or disease.  Even our natural landscape plants need water from time to time for proper growth and maturation.

Not using the correct plant fertilizer

Granular fertilizer isn’t an ideal product for plants because it takes longer to dissolve especially in colder temperatures. You should use a spray applicator to maximize plant growth efforts. If your grass or plants are not getting enough fertilizer, they’re likely to suffer during our extreme summer temperatures.

Not raking the grass or rocks

Nobody likes to rake, but it’s the secret to keeping the yard tidy and clutter-free. Should a homeowner neglect this duty, fungus and mold are likely to build up when dead grass and leaves accumulate.

Using weed killer to spray the plants during winter

In colder temperatures, it’s ill-advised to use pesticides such as weed killer to treat plants. When the temperature is warmer, it’s an acceptable treatment. Use weed killer treatment only if temperatures remain above 60 degrees.

Delay spring planting

For some plants, it takes time for them to mature.  The best time to plant is late winter or early spring. Bushes, flowers, and trees need adequate time to grow before temperatures rise in the summer. Therefore, it makes logical sense to prepare them early in the spring.

Neglecting minor pests problems

If the leaves on your bushes, plants and flowers show signs of pest infestation, it’s necessary to take better care of the yard to minimize infestation. Failing to put proper measures in place to remedy the problem could have serious consequences.

Lawn care isn’t the easiest or always fun. It’s imperative to handle winter  and spring landscaping with due diligence to minimize damage to precious plants and grass.

If you need help finding a professional lawn care service in Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley or Sun Lakes, we are here to help.

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