Lawn Care Services Sun Lakes

Residential and Commercial Lawn Care Services for Sun Lakes

When it comes to lawn care services, the residents of Sun Lakes, AZ should hire a company whose concern for their lawn matches their own love for it. They should call Moar Lawn and Landscape for all their lawn maintenance needs.

We provide expert lawn care services in Sun Lakes for residential as well as commercial properties. Our lawn service is comprehensive, and includes lawn mowing, edging, trimming, weed control and more-in fact, our lawn care experts do everything in Sun Lakes homes and commercial properties to ensure that their lawns are always:

  • Lush and green
  • Robust and thick
  • Well-manicured
  • Pristine and inviting

When you engage us to provide lawn care services in your Sun Lakes property, sit back and relax, knowing that your turf will receive the nourishment, protection and grooming it needs to look great all through the year.

Our Lawn Service Has Lots of Extras for Sun Lakes Residents

We are focused on providing top-of-the-line lawn service to Sun Lakes residents. Our commitment to excellence is not limited to just the actual lawn maintenance work, but covers every little aspect of the job.

There are many extras that make our lawn service in Sun Lakes unlike the services extended by any other lawn and landscaping company in the area. The distinguishing features of our lawn care services include:

  • Service First model that prioritizes customer satisfaction
  • Highly trained, clean-cut, uniformed lawn maintenance technicians
  • Advanced software to track the lawn service provided to every customer
  • Special weekly Customer Service training sessions for technicians

Moreover, our company is insured and so, our lawn service in Sun Lakes properties offers full protection for the property owners.

Lawn Maintenance Package Options for the Sun Lakes Homeowner

We do not believe in over-selling ourselves, and do our best to ensure that our lawn maintenance services for every Sun Lakes homeowner is just what he/she wants. That is why we offer our customers several options in lawn care and maintenance packages including:

  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly

You can select the package you want, depending on what your budget for lawn service is, and how much professional assistance you desire for lawn maintenance in your Sun Lakes property. With every package, we assure you of efficient, professional and fair-priced lawn care services.

Trust your lawn maintenance in Sun Lakes to the proven experts. Call Moar Lawn and Landscape at 480-336-2926 to discuss your lawn service needs.