September Lawn Care Tips

When is it going to cool down?! This is about the time of year we start dreaming of a white Christmas.  No, not really.  Below are some helpful September lawn care tips to help your lawn and landscape make that final turn heading into Fall and Winter.

(1) Mid to late September is a great time to stop watering grass in preparation for winter rye. This helps the Bermuda go dormant right before the scalping takes place so that is doesn’t grow back with the rye seed.

(2) If you’re planning on overseeding your Bermuda, stop fertilizing during September

(3) Trimming all plants for the fall is good to keep the plant material shaped well throughout the cooler months.

(4) Prepare your garden beds and flower beds by breaking up the soil, adding compost, ammonium phosphate, sulfur, and iron.

Keep your lawn looking beautiful year around. Let Moar Lawn and Landscape provide you with a quote on installing winter lawn in your front or backyard. Give us a call today at (480) 336-2926 for a friendly estimate today.

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