Spring Clean Up Chandler

Spring Lawn Care in Chandler for Residential and Commercial Landscaping

Spring yard clean up and spring lawn care for residential and commercial properties in Chandler, AZ are essential reviving landscaping after frigid winters. It also keeps the property looking great over the sunny months.

At Moar Lawn and Landscape, we offer spring yard clean up and spring lawn care services for Chandler property owners to spruce up their lawns for a healthy, beautiful, and enjoyable summer.
Early spring is the right time to check the condition of the yard, and assess what needs to be done to give the turf and landscaping a fresh start.

The spring yard clean up tasks performed by our spring lawn care experts in Chandler include:

  • Prepping damaged turf areas for seeding
  • Pulling out early weeds to help in timely weed control
  • Pruning away dead/damaged branches
  • Cutting back spent perennials

Our spring lawn care services in Chandler also include giving the lawn its first mowing of the year.

Weed Control Starts in the Spring in Chandler

Spring is also the time to begin weed control on your Chandler property. Weeds are persistent pests that threaten the beauty and health of lawns and gardens. Their effective treatment starts with starting weed control before they become a problem.

Our spring weed control services in Chandler are just what you need to:

  • Maintain a weed-free lawn
  • Grow robust turf
  • Keep the landscape looking elegant and healthy

Our spring lawn care specialists apply pre-emergent weed killers in the spring to stop the weed seeds from germinating, which keeps your turf free from unwanted crabgrass all through the summer. We can also carry out spring weed control measures in your Chandler home or business property to eliminate spray weeds like clover and dandelion.

Why Choose Us for Your Spring Yard Clean Up in Chandler?

Spring lawn care and yard clean up is a part of annual landscape maintenance. It is necessary to cultivate new growth, rejuvenate underdeveloped growth, and ensures a clean and flourishing yard.

The numerous tasks involved in spring yard clean up for your Chandler property can be quite overwhelming. However, you need not break your back when we are here to do spring yard clean up for you! In Chandler, we provide you with technicians who are:

  • Highly knowledgeable and experienced
  • Very hard-working
  • Extremely sincere and committed to doing a quality job

Call Moar Lawn and Landscape at 480-336-2926 for spring yard clean up services in Chandler.