When Is The Best Time To Prune Roses In Arizona?

I get asked all the time, “When is the best time to prune roses in Arizona?” January is the best time to prune your roses!  It’s only the second week in January so you still have time. Below are a few lawn care tips to better prepare your roses for Spring. The tools needed to […]

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December Lawn Care Tips

Most homeowners in the Chandler or Gilbert area do not pay much attention to cooler temperatures until they start to see damage on their plants and landscape.  This can be a costly error in judgment as severe cold damage can be mitigated by simply covering plants on the few days when cooler nighttime temperatures are […]

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Important Lawn Care and Maintenance Projects for the Fall

Here are some easy lawn care and maintenance projects for the fall you can do that will make a big difference come spring. (1) Feed Your Lawn (2) Spruce Up Your Lawn by Reseeding (3) Clean Up your Tools for a Fresh Start Next Spring (4) Help Is Just a Click or a Phone Call […]

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