Tree Trimming Chandler Heights

Tree Trimming and Removal Services for Chandler Heights

Scientists have calculated that there are more trees on earth than the number of stars in the Milky Way. Of the three trillion trees on earth, the United States ranks fourth with 228 billion!

Those statistics are a reminder that we have a responsibility for the trees in our local neighborhood of Chandler Heights with timely trimming and pruning to maintain their health and proper growth.

Not only do we have the skills for tree pruning and trimming, but those services combined with our removal services we can make your landscape the envy of the entire neighborhood. These are a few of the benefits of trimming, tree pruning, and palm tree trimming:

  • Elimination of dead or dying branches to prevent further decay
  • Reduction in safety hazards
  • Palm trimming reduces the habitat for pests such as scorpions

Trimming palm trees requires special knowledge because there is significant importance in maintaining the ideal number of leaves for a palm to grow optimally.

Call for the full-service trimming and pruning experts with tree removal services at affordable prices.

Tree Pruning Benefits for the Chandler Heights Property Owner

We are highly skilled in assessing trees that need pruning based on their location, size, type, appearance and health.

For residents living in the Chandler Heights area, we specialize in citrus and shade tree trimming, pruning trees of all kinds including palms, and removal services.

These are some of the benefits of proper tree pruning:

  • Improved health of the tree
  • Promotes long-term stability of trees
  • Prevents unsightly overgrowth
  • Reduces potential safety hazards

There are unique considerations for palm tree trimming and pruning that include avoidance of palm tree pruning fronds where the shaft is greater than 45 degrees above horizontal.

If you are concerned about trees in your yard that need pruning, call us for professional service at affordable rates.

Palm Tree Trimming in Chandler Heights – Remove Brown and Dead Fronds

Tree pruning and trimming can be a dangerous task.

There are specific health benefits of palm tree care that differ from shade trees and conifers. Unlike shade trees and conifers, a palm has a single above-ground growing point.

Located at the top of the trunk, the growing point and its surrounding tissues make up the terminal bud. And if that bud is injured, the palm will usually die.

As professionals in palm tree trimming and pruning, we:

  • Remove lower fronds that are dead
  • Use extreme care when removing fronds
  • Avoid the use of climbing spikes that may wound the palm trunk
  • Avoid over-pruning or trimming that may result in pest attraction

Call Moar Lawn and Landscape for tree pruning and trimming services in the Chandler Heights area, including shade trees, Mesquite, Palo Verde, Sissoo, citrus and palm trees. 480-336-2926