Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming and Removal Services

Healthy and well-shaped trees make a wonderful addition to any property’s landscape. If you have trees on your property, you must get tree trimming or pruning done at regular intervals. Diseased, damaged, dying, dead or hazardous trees should also be got removed to keep the landscape attractive and safe.

Get in touch with Moar Lawn and Landscape for all your tree pruning and removal needs. We have specialized equipment and skilled technicians to remove trees without any damage to your property or harm to its inhabitants. And, we offer expert tree pruning services that preserve the tree’s integrity of form, while enhancing its unique characteristics.

We can trim different types of trees, and our services include

  • Palm tree trimming
  • Mesquite tree pruning
  • Palo Verde tree pruning
  • Sissoo tree trimming
  • Citrus tree pruning

Tree Pruning Benefits – Appearance, Safety and Healthier Trees

During tree pruning, we trim overgrown limbs and diseased or dead branches. If you find your tree too dense, our tree pruning experts trim it down by removing branches from strategic places.

We know that when done properly, tree pruning offers multiple benefits and makes trees beautiful, healthy and safe. We have the expertise to do tree pruning accurately so that your property flaunts trees that

  • Look magnificent
  • Grow well
  • Live long
  • Present no hindrance or safety hazard

Tree pruning involves a number of techniques, such as crown thinning, crown raising, crown cleaning and crown reduction. Depending upon your trees’ condition and your specific reasons for getting tree pruning done, we use one or a combination of these techniques to shape your trees to your satisfaction.

Palm Tree Trimming to Remove Dry, Brown and Dead Fronds

We specialize in palm tree trimming. Palm trees differ from many other trees, not just in appearance but also in the care they require. Maintaining vibrant green palms calls for meticulous palm tree trimming, done to remove brown, dry and dead fronds.

Not every tree pruning service provider is an expert at palm tree trimming, but happily for you, we are! Our highly trained palm tree trimming technicians have proven their skills over numerous successful palm tree trimming jobs. You can trust us for

  • Palm tree trimming done at the right time of the year
  • Palm tree trimming done carefully, without harming the tree
  • Palm tree trimming done correctly, to improve tree health and longevity

Call (480) 336-2926 to hire the experts at Moar Lawn and Landscape for palm tree trimming and other tree pruning services.