Tree Trimming and Pruning in Gilbert and Chandler AZ

Early spring is best for tree trimming and pruning in Gilbert and Chandler, AZ.  Knowing when to trim trees keeps them healthy in the long-term while setting them up for a spring season of robust growth.  Protect the health of your trees as well as retain a pleasing and natural appearance.  Tree trimming improves air circulation, allows more sunlight to reach your landscaping, reduces the chance of disease and future damage from heavy rains and high winds.

We specialize in palm tree trimming! Not every tree pruning service provider is an expert at palm tree trimming. Our tree trimming technicians will never over trim or butcher your trees.  Your trees are very expensive to replace and it’s worth having it done correctly.  Regular tree service helps maintain the value and enhance the appearance of your property.

We can trim different types of trees, and our pruning services include:

  • Palm Tree Trimming
  • Mesquite Tree Trimming
  • Palo Verde Tree Trimming
  • Sissoo Tree Trimming
  • Citrus Tree Pruning

Moar Lawn and Landscape would like to be your exclusive tree services company. Our technicians are highly trained in proper tree care to shape your trees to your satisfaction.  We have all the equipment to complete your job safely and quickly, leaving your trees looking great!

Call (480) 336-2926 to hire the experts at Moar Lawn and Landscape for palm tree trimming and other tree pruning services.

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