Tree Trimming San Tan Valley

Tree Trimming and Removal Services for San Tan Valley

We are told by scientists that there are roughly 420 trees for every living person on this planet. We are proud to be among the professionals who take responsibility as caretakers!

If you have shade and citrus trees in your yard that require trimming and tree pruning, we provide those services as well as palm tree trimming, palm tree trunk trimming and removal services.

With years of experience we have a true perspective of the needs of homeowners in the San Tan Valley who trust us to take proper care of their trees with timely tree pruning and trimming that provides benefits such as, but not limited to:

  • Palm tree trimming for avoiding monsoon storm damage
  • Shade and citrus tree pruning to eliminate dead and dying branches
  • Reduced safety hazards
  • Prevention of decay
  • Improvement of structural integrity

Call us to ensure the beauty, healthy growth and safety of your trees with proper trimming and pruning services.

Tree Pruning Benefits for the San Tan Valley Property Owner

As a property owner with doubts about the importance of tree pruning and palm tree trimming in the San Tan Valley area, we want to assure you by providing the following benefits:

  • Timely pruning can provide growing conditions that promote long tree life
  • Property enhancement that adds value
  • Improvement in shape of citrus and shade trees
  • Palm trimming and pruning to reduce pest habitation

It is also important to be aware that improper pruning of trees, including palms, can provide fatal tree damage, so we encourage you to call us for professional tree trimming and pruning services.

Palm Tree Trimming in San Tan Valley – Remove Brown and Dead Fronds

Trimming palm trees involves so much more than random cutting of fronds.

Excessive palm tree trimming and pruning can slow the growth of the tree, and attract pests. We are professional tree pruning specialists with experience in trimming citrus and shade trees, as well as palm trees for residents in the San Tan Valley area.

Trimming or pruning palm trees is a crucial part of their care that includes:

  • Removal of only the dead, broken or yellowing or brown fronds
  • Thinning out clumping palms with growth too large for their growing space
  • Pruning that does not disrupt the cantilever effect to survive high winds
  • Careful attention to leave green fronds to retain important nutrients

Call Moar Lawn and Landscape for professional tree pruning and trimming services including shade trees, mesquite, Palo Verde, Sissoo, citrus and palm trees. 480-336-2926