When And How Often To Water A Lawn In Arizona

If you live in Arizona, conserving water is on everyone’s mind when you live in the Gilbert or Chandler area. A common question we hear from our customers is: When and how often to water a lawn in Arizona?

Water Early in the Morning

The best time to water all grass areas is before sunrise to prevent evaporation.  Watering during the day will not harm your grass but it is wasteful due to quick evaporation rates during the hot summer months.  Try to water between 4am and 8am when the air is cooler.  If you’re watering plants with a hose, make sure to run the hose to empty out any hot water.  The hot water could damage or destroy your plants roots.

Water Deeply

Water enough so it reaches about 10 inches into the ground.  Use a probe or long screwdriver to check your watering depth.  If the soil is moist it will move easily and is resistant to dry soil.

Water the Lawn

You’re thinking, “no kidding.” Many homeowners don’t pay attention to where their sprinklers are spraying.  Make slight adjustments if necessary to your sprinklers to avoid watering the sidewalk and driveway.

Turn Off Water After a Storm

You don’t want to be “that guy” in the neighborhood that keeps their water running after a good rain.  Turn off your sprinklers manually or install a rain sensor that will automatically turn them off when it starts raining.

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