Winter Lawns Chandler Heights

Winter Lawn Installation for Chandler Heights Homeowners

It is a known fact that maintaining a winter lawn in Arizona can be extremely challenging.

We are a residential and commercial contractor of lawn care and landscaping with expert knowledge in producing quality lawns in low elevations where warm-season turf grasses are dominate in lawns and cool season grass can be grown by overseeding rye grass.

The optimum period for overseeding rye grass in the Chandler Heights area is mid-September through October, or when evening temperatures are consistently lower than 65 degrees.

This is the basic procedure that we use for fall overseeding in this area:

  • Scalping and de-thatching to ensure the seed reaches the soil
  • Seeding with perennial rye grass
  • Fertilizing with a starter fertilizer
  • Mulching, if required
  • Watering
  • Mowing
  • Feeding the lawn with fertilizer

When you are ready for a winter lawn installation, call on us. You will love the results!

Overseeding Rye Grass for Beautiful Chandler Heights Lawns

The most popular means of keeping sod grass green through the winter in the Chandler Heights area is by overseeding rye grass.

In fact, many of our customers prefer the results of their winter lawn installation because of the appeal of its beautiful dark green color.

Our winter lawn installation is recommended for the following reasons:

  • Rapid germination
  • Beautiful fine leaf texture and overall aesthetic appeal
  • Low maintenance
  • Tolerance to close mowing
  • Cost effective

For a beautiful lawn all year long, call us!

Why Choose Us for Winter Rye Grass Overseeding in Chandler Heights?

Whether you are a commercial business owner or a homeowner in the Chandler Heights area, having a beautiful healthy lawn and manicured landscape with value added curb appeal all year long is desirable.

With the onset of fall in this area, a winter lawn installation with overseeding rye grass will provide a beautifully lush dark green lawn through the cool season.

Generally, your winter lawn will start to die during the early weeks of May or when the temperature rises to 100 degrees. That is the point at which we begin lawn maintenance and watering that is applicable to the dormant grass.

These are a few reasons to choose us for cool-season lawn installation with overseeding, and year-round lawn and landscape services:

  • Proper management practices employed
  • Use of latest technology and techniques
  • Experts in lawn care, maintenance and installation
  • Maintenance and follow-thru of a monthly landscaping calendar for our clients
  • Our experience and integrity
  • Insured
  • Employees required to pass rigorous background check
  • State of the art software to track services
  • Management team experience since 2001
  • Competitive rates

Call Moar Lawn and Landscape for winter lawn installation and high-quality lawn and landscape services all year long. 480-336-2926