Winter Lawns San Tan Valley

Winter Lawn Installation for San Tan Valley Homeowners

We appreciate living in an area where we can enjoy and appreciate a healthy green lawn all year long.

As a professional lawn and landscape maintenance company, we have the experience and expertise to transition your lawn from the warm season to cool by overseeding rye grass for winter lawns to achieve dark beautiful green.

These are advantages associated with winter lawn installation by overseeding rye grass for homeowners in the San Tan Valley area:

  • Heat resistant
  • Germinates and emerges quickly
  • Thick turf quality
  • Beautiful dark green color
  • Optimal growth characteristics
  • Tolerance to close mowing
  • Much more wear tolerant than dormant turf grass

Call us for installation of your winter lawn in Arizona. We know you will be pleased with the results.

Overseeding Rye Grass for Beautiful San Tan Valley Lawns

Overseeding rye grass in Arizona makes a beautiful commercial or residential lawn during the winter cool season.

The use of overseeding summer grass with a winter hardy variety solves weed problems, and beautifully offsets the balance of your landscape.

The optimum time for winter lawn installation in the San Tan Valley area is mid-September through October, or when evening temperatures are consistently lower than 65 degrees.

We follow this basic procedure:

  • De-thatching and scalping to ensure proper seed contact with the soil
  • Seeding
  • Fertilizing with a starter fertilizer
  • Mulching, if required
  • Light watering several times daily; cut back after seed germination
  • First mowing when area has reached approximately 2 to 3 inches tall

Call the masters when you are ready for a winter lawn installation. We will provide beautiful results!

Why Choose Us for Winter Rye Grass Overseeding in San Tan Valley?

The fall transition to a winter lawn in Arizona is more difficult than transitioning back to summer grass in the spring.

To ensure a beautiful healthy winter lawn installation that adds value to your property, we encourage seeking our services as a professional lawn and landscape company that has experience with overseeding rye grass.

These are reasons we are chosen for winter rye grass overseeding for business and homeowners in the San Tan Valley area:

  • Years of experience in winter overseeding services
  • Customer service excellence and integrity
  • State of the art software to track client services
  • Insured
  • Competitive rates
  • Highly trained employees
  • Rigorous employee background checks

Call Moar Lawn and Landscape for winter lawn installation and expert lawn and landscape services all year long. 480-336-2926